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Is your corporate website secure?

Most often, your website is your initial contact with customers and investors. And these critical business relationships can be compromised if your site isn’t safe.

A safe website provides a sense of security for your audience when they go through your pages. As your site becomes trusted, they won’t worry about signing up in forms or engaging in other activities there.

Take a look at the website of Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited (ASX:LPE), an electricity supplier supporting strata communities. Discover how LPE took measures to secure its web pages.

LPE teamed up with IRM to install an SSL certificate in its site. This SSL certificate gives secure, encrypted communications between its website and its audience’s internet browsers. Providing privacy and data integrity for the site and its users’ personal information. Quite useful for LPE website’s bill payment function and other online forms.

This protective capability likewise boosts LPE website’s ranking in search engines. That’s because Google considers website security as a ranking factor. So, it gives LPE an advantage over competitors in search engines.

But LPE’s website is not just about security or Google ranking.

Check out its sleek design with eye-catching images of its target market, the strata communities. The website also showcases the company’s introductory video on its home page and other videos in its internal page.

Indeed, LPE puts a premium on connecting with its clients and stakeholders. That’s why its website utilises the IRM Newsroom, a unique news aggregation and distribution service. Newsroom allows LPE to publish a news item immediately, or after an approval, in one or more of chosen distribution channels. Whether it’s through website, email alerts or social media accounts.

And LPE isn’t shy about communicating its share price to investors through its web pages. With its share price and chart on its home page, investors can easily spot the company’s recent performance. This home page feature also leads to its Investor Centre where more investor info can be found.

Moreover, LPE website’s big footer contains quick links for easy navigation within the site. It gives access to the company’s online forms too. And directs followers to its Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Its services pages highlights logos of communities LPE now works with. While its customer pages feature testimonials describing clients’ good feedback on the company.

LPE’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with LPE on advancing their investor communications capability.

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