MyDeal investor website scales up from IPO

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MyDeal website

Is it time to take your company public?

You’re set to fast-track your business’s growth and expand operational capabilities. You want to establish your brand and expand beyond your investor community. You’re ready for the next step forward.

But before you go public, one of the tasks you need to accomplish is to set up your investor website. Equipping your site for your initial public offering is crucial if you want to hit the ground running from the day of your IPO and onwards.

A well-crafted investor website makes an excellent first impression to investors from the beginning. It sets the stage for your business to stand out among peers and turn prospects into investors.

Head for the newly launched investor website of for some bright ideas that will surely inspire. MyDeal is an online retail marketplace focused on household goods, such as furniture and homewares.

MyDeal on mobileMyDeal’s responsive investor website works smoothly on any device.

MyDeal’s investor website welcomes with a clear-cut layout that aligns with its retail site. Its design is mobile friendly, allowing investors to browse freely on smartphones or tablets, without interruptions in functionality.

Notice how MyDeal’s homepage is clutter free? The site aptly describes its business and directs investors to its share price information and ASX announcements. Talk about quick access of material information about the company.

Scoot over to its About Us section and you’ll find more details about MyDeal, including its board and management. Fresh from its IPO, the website is set to expand its investor section with news delivery and additional features.

MyDeal’s investor website also encourages investors to stay in touch through its Contact Us page and Email Alerts sign-ups. Likewise, its social media accounts are prominently linked to the site to enhance engagement via LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

On top of that, MyDeal’s investor site is easy to be maintained and continuously updated, even after its successful listing. Keeping it relevant as it serves as the authority on all information about the company.

MyDeal’s investor website was developed through IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was pleased to work with MyDeal in affirming its online investor presence.

Is your company about to go public too? Perhaps we can be of assistance on your investor website as well.

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