Neuren Pharmaceuticals upgrades website design and technology

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Neuren website

Companies must quickly adapt to latest trends to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving digital environment. Why, even the most perfect website needs regular updating. More than refreshing design and content, incorporating new technologies into the site will enable it to outperform rivals and draw in more investors.

Is your website in need of a makeover? Redesigning your existing site will make it more user-friendly and appealing to your audience, particularly investors. Changing its functionality and aesthetics will improve its speed and guarantee that it performs well across all devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Among recently redesigned websites of ASX-listed companies, Neuren Pharmaceuticals is one that knocks it out of the park: Neuren (ASX: NEU) is developing new therapies for highly debilitating neurodevelopmental disorders that emerge in early childhood and are characterised by impaired connections and signalling between brain cells.

Neuren on devicesNeuren's website runs effortlessly on any screen size or device.

Start off with Neuren’s homepage to catch how its current look reflects the company’s brand identity, with vibrant images that showcase its operations. With this modern design comes improved functionality and enhanced user experience for investors to easily find data they need. Quick links to investor information and share price are also prominent here to assist stakeholders as they make informed decisions.

Another exciting aspect of Neuren’s website is the Pipeline section, complete with an interactive pipeline. These pages provide details about clinical trials the company is conducting to address specific syndromes. For a look at the principles behind Neuren’s products, its Science segment is a valuable resource, along with presentations and publications to get a better understanding of its methods.

In addition to these innovative elements, Neuren’s website also includes an Investors section where you can conveniently access ASX announcements, annual reports and share price info. A News & Media page is also available for the latest video interviews, podcasts and articles about the company. Providing key insights and advice to help investors stay ahead of the curve.

Neuren teamed up with IRM to upgrade its website, which includes the IRM Newsroom news delivery tool. What a pleasure for IRM to continue its decade-long partnership with the company for its online presence.

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