New Kasbah website reflects company milestone

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Kasbah website

It’s a journey. Not a destination.

Yes, that’s the process for any website. Yours included.

For as your company achieves milestones, so opportunities arise to show these developments within your site. Opportunities to improve and reshape your web page.

Take for example, a new company logo.

Without a doubt, this updated identity should be reflected in your website. Not only to represent your organisation. But to convey how your business has evolved. And the possibilities for its future.

Here’s how Kasbah Resources Limited (ASX:KAS) executed such transition in its latest site. Once you check out the website, you’ll see how the redesign clearly articulates the company’s mineral exploration and development business.

Along with its rebranded logo, Kasbah’s site transformed with crisp colours based on their current palette. Its overall design was also tweaked to spruce up the feel of what the company is all about. Taking off this new look from the company's most recent investor presentation.

Kasbah’s website consistently communicates its refreshed brand throughout its brand-new web pages.

Its home page welcomes with an engaging video of how Kasbah is advancing its Achmmach Tin Project in the Kingdom of Morocco. The page also highlights quick links to its ASX announcements, share price and charts as well as projects.

Kasbah’s site makes staying in touch with investors and stakeholders easy too. Company updates are quickly posted on the website. And these news items are promptly distributed via email or its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as the company chooses.

What’s more, the responsive website looks great on any device, be it desktop or mobile. Making it readily accessible to its investor community whether they’re on their phones or laptops.

Kasbah’s website was enhanced using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Kasbah on this inspiring redesign of their investor communications capability.

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