Noxopharm expands reach with new website design

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Your website is one of the most effective communication tools your company holds.

That's why you have a well-designed site to give investors a great first impression of your business and what it's all about, right?

But is your site still aligned with your organisation's latest plans?

Perhaps you've adopted a new corporate strategy and your website’s purpose has changed to support such move. Maybe you've just launched a brand-new product or service and you're now targeting a certain audience, in addition to your investor community.

You'll have to update your site's content and layout to be more in tune with your current goals. Yes, you’ll need a redesign to help your website work better and assist you in reaching your objectives.

Sneak a peek into Noxopharm’s redesigned website and discover how the company recently launched its current Web page to expand its reach.

Noxopharm (ASX: NOX) is a clinical stage drug development company. With the development of its new drug Veyonda, Noxopharm’s website needed to appeal not only to investors but to the medical and science community as well.

Notice the website’s professional and modern design that greets you as you open its home page. Its where you’ll find quick links about the science, clinical trials and events related to Veyonda, Noxopharm’s first-in-class activator of the innate immune system.

Noxopharm covers all bases with its up-to-date publications section for all relevant trial progress on its clinical programs. Further discussions on its pipeline and operations are also found in its two blogs, Nox Insights and CEO NoxoBlog, where its leaders convey thoughts about the company as well as its industry.

Navigate to Noxopharm’s Investor Centre and you’ll find latest company news, monthly newsletters as well as relevant articles from third-party sources. The company’s share prices and chart can also be found in this section, among other key information for stakeholders.

Noxopharm’s website was redesigned through HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were delighted to work with Noxopharm on advancing their online investor presence.

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