Online IRM product catalogue for IRM HQi and IRM Newsroom users

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Users of IRM’s HQi content management system and IRM Newsroom can now access an online Product Catalogue of IRM products and services through HQi.

It’s all part of IRM trying to be more informative and more responsive to our clients when they are thinking about  enhancements, changes and ideas that are not yet in the “definite” category (for which the Support Request function is better).

You can now see descriptions of our products and services, look at online product information, prices, case studies and samples, all directly from HQi. You can browse, explore, enquire, get a quote, or buy, without needing to go through a multi step process with our account and sales people, if that’s the way you prefer to do these things.

Here’s how it looks and works:

Once logged in to HQi, a user can “Request a Service” to look at the list of products and services available in the online catalogue.

Products and services are classified by Manufacturer, and initially there are some Boardroom.Media products and services in the catalogue as well as a number of IRM products and services. We’ll keep building out the catalogue over time.

For each Manufacturer, the products and services are divided into categories and sub-categories. For example, initial IRM product categories are IRM websites, IRM Newsroom, IRM Support and IRM Graphic Design Services. Categories and subcategories are dynamic and will change over time as we refine the online catalogue.

Each product in the IRM Product Catalogue has information which describes the product, including links to online product descriptions, pricing, and samples or case studies of the product or service. There’s a capability to provide additional information, attach dropbox files, and give us a full description of what you are thinking about. You can then enquire, ask for a quote, or buy a product.

A work in progress

The IRM Product Catalogue itself will grow and improve over time. The initial data in it is a long way short of the full information we will in future be seeking to provide about our products and services online.

A swift turn-around and a better serving offering

When you use the facility to request a product or service, you will receive the immediate attention of our account management team!

Of course you can always phone or email (or both, if you like!) It’s our intention through this mechanism to give you a better service!

Once you have requested a service, you can see the list of previously requested services and the status of them, including any notes we may have made about the request. This is a list of all services requested by any HQi user for this company, so you can see what others have requested if there are multiple people involved.

Our responses will normally be by email or phone, so you don’t have to keep running back to HQi to look for an answer.

The request for a service is logged real-time to IRM’s account management team with a status of “Not Started”. As the request progresses, you will be able to monitor the changing status as evidence of progress. Nothing drops through the cracks!

IRM prides itself on its high quality service and quick response to clients’ new ideas and desired improvements. The HQi request a service capability is to try to help clients fully understand the choices available to them, browse though a catalogue and make initial decisions on a much more fully informed basis.

Find out more about how this works in the IRM Help Centre at:

This enhancement was introduced in Release 4.3, rolled out to all client sites in early December 2015.

Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions about this new initiative, we’re always looking to improve!

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