Optiscan Imaging website elevates to the next level

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Optiscan website

A strong online presence is fundamental for businesses looking to attract investors. Often, the company’s website is the first impression potential shareholders have of the venture. That is why it is imperative to make it as professional and engaging as possible.

If you’re looking to launch a website that’s designed with stakeholders in mind, here’s one you can pattern after. Visit Optiscan Imaging’s latest site to see how it takes their business to the next level - www.optiscan.com.

Optiscan (ASX: OIL) is a global leader in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of endomicroscopic digital imaging technology solutions for medical, translational and pre-clinical applications. Its technology helps facilitate earlier detection and management of disease, thus improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of curative medicine and associated procedures within healthcare systems.

Optiscan on devicesOptiscan's website renders with ease on any screen size or device.

Hop on to Optiscan’s homepage to experience its modern and easy-to-navigate layout, making it convenient for investors to find information they need. You’ll see its striking visuals, with clear calls-to-action inviting stakeholders to learn more. As you scroll down the page, you’ll be presented with a featured video and informative sections that highlight Optiscan's technology, products and goal.

One of the impressive aspects of Optiscan’s new website is its Investor section. Once you land on this part of the site, you’ll quickly find its “why invest” piece, as simply as you locate its ASX announcements, reports, and share price information, among other key facts and figures there.

Would you like to know the company better? Optiscan’s About Us section gives insights on its business, with pages describing the company’s purpose and values, board and partners, and more. Browse its Products or Pipeline section for further data presented with appealing images and videos.

Check out Optiscan’s Technology section for clinical solutions, publications and webinars. An Image Gallery is also situated here for pictures and clips of its digital microscopic imaging technology. Or go to its Social Media Feed page for the freshest updates on the company's business as posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Most recently, Optiscan’s website was customised on IRM’s HQi content management system. What a pleasure indeed for IRM to be part of setting up the company’s online presence.

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