Paranta Biosciences website zooms in on investor community

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Is your business an unlisted public company?

Chances are you have many of the same investor communication needs as listed companies.

For instance, your shareholders also need to reference your corporate information. So they can be reassured about your investment proposition. And be able to support your successive funding rounds.

A great website is the ideal way to communicate well with your investors. This includes the broader group of people who have invested or might invest, or might influence investors.

You’ll need to keep them informed with your company’s activities by regularly providing news leading up to your listing. This process encourages shareholders to keep their shares well after listing because they feel more involved with your company.

Browse through the new website of Paranta Biosciences Limited for some inspiration on how to create or redesign your own website to connect effectively with your investor community.

Paranta is an unlisted Australian biopharmaceutical company. It’s focused on developing transformative biotherapeutics based on follistatin, targeting diseases of major unmet need.

Once you land on Paranta’s home page, you’ll notice the site’s clean aesthetics with subtle animations. An appealing design that takes you to discover more pages. Where you’ll find sleek charts, smart infographics and a descriptive timeline about its major achievements.

But Paranta’s website is not just about its attractive layout and smooth navigation. The website presents essential information about its company, management team and advisors, as well as operations.

Among its informative pages, you’ll find its Investors Centre equipped with Paranta’s announcements, presentations and annual reports. Providing all need-to-know data for investors as they consider or continue their investment in the company.

Paranta’s website was designed using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Paranta on building up their online investor presence.

IRM recognises the financial challenges faced by unlisted public companies that don’t have ready access to funds. That’s why IRM offers concessional licence fees for HQi for such companies.

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