Plus Connect Website Finds Perfect Match in IRM HQi

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Plus Connect used IRM’s proprietary CMS to set up its website with selected colours, images and content, in a bid to support investor relations.

Are you on the hunt for the right content management system for your website? Read on to see how Plus Connect Limited’s site just found its perfect match in IRM’s HQi proprietary CMS.

IRM and Plus Connect (ASX:ACU) worked together to launch the latest webpage of the Australian company that offers online betting and social gaming products. The online gaming company hand-picked its colours, images and content for the website that aims to support investor relations. Through the well-designed site, the company highlighted a wide range of key information about its business, its board of directors, management team and partners, among other things.

What’s more, the practical webpage hosts an Investor Centre, where shareholders are received with a welcome page and given up-to-date share price information. It skilfully features the company’s ASX announcements as well as annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports, which feed automatically onto the website through HQi.

This automatic feed is possible through HQi’s integration with IRM Newsroom, enabling Plus Connect to communicate with investors with ease. Through this news aggregation and delivery tool, the company can conveniently share announcements through its site and simultaneously send them to subscribers via email or LinkedIn. Email alerts sign-ups are also available on the webpage for investors to subscribe to. That way they don’t miss any news from the company.

Click the links to experience the smooth functionality of Plus Connect’s website and Investor Centre.

Plus Connect’s website is easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

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