PPK Group's custom-designed website makes headway

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PPK website

Want to position your company above peers? Then your website shouldn’t look like everyone else's.

You'd want a site that's unique to your company, designed with your requirements. Enabling you to reinforce your brand as its blueprint is specific your business.

A customised web site that supports your current and future goals is ideal. Created with a foundation that’s built to handle modifications as your organisation expands.

One that adapts to the constantly innovating cyberspace as well. Providing ongoing support with additional features, security improvements and technological updates.

No need to look far and wide for a custom-built website you can envision. Hop on to the latest website of PPK Group (ASX:PPK) for some inspiring ideas.

PPK invests in boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT), commercialisation of high-performance batteries, ballistic armour for commercial and military use, and world class mining technology. The company have four main segments, which are all skillfully showcased in its website.

PPK on mobilePPK's responsive website works well on any screen size and mobile device too.

Once you land on its homepage, PPK website’s bespoke design receives you with a visual display that’s descriptive of its business. Each image links to internal pages with further information on its segmentsBNNT Technology, Craig International Ballistics, Li-S Energy and PPK Mining Equipment.

Continue to PPK’s Investor Centre and you’ll see how its decked out with investor-friendly features that give key facts and figures for stakeholders. Where its investor welcome page clearly directs to more relevant data, like the company’s share price, annual reports and fact sheet.

Another area worth scoping out is the site’s News and Media portion, presenting not only the company’s ASX announcements, but related news from other media sources too. Separately, its PPK Mining Equipment segment has its own bulletins site to focus on its specific audience.

PPK’s website is also equipped to post announcements soon as they are released from the ASX. These news items can even be sent out simultaneously to investors via email or shared on social media for a wider reception.

Clearly, PPK’s tailor-made site doesn’t only involve style but functionality as well. As it is able to grow with the business with options for more pages to be added and capabilities to be upgraded.

PPK’s website was customised through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. What a privilege for IRM to be part of enriching PPK’s online investor presence.

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