Presenting Nautilus Minerals 2.0 and Nautilus CARES

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In today’s post, we review the recent redesign of Nautilus Minerals Inc.’s corporate site, and the launch of a micro-site: Nautilus Cares, which contains important detail on Nautilus’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

About Nautilus Minerals Inc.

Nautilus Minerals Inc (TSX: NUS, OTCQX: NUSMF) is the first company to commercially explore the seafloor for massive sulphide systems, which are a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver.

Nautilus has among its significant shareholders, three of the world’s largest resource companies and the nature of its alliances and technical partners place it firmly in pole position as the world leader in deepwater exploration and the development of mineral systems.

The brief – corporate website refresh

Nautilus Minerals identified the requirement to upgrade their corporate website, delivering a refresh to the look and feel, and improving the detail available to investors, job seekers and other stakeholders. The brief we agreed was as follows:

  • Nautilus and IRM would work together to redesign and replace the prior website
  • Through the process, Nautilus would review and upgrade its investor content
  • IRM would deliver a professional, modern, comprehensive, and best practice website with strong investor relations functions
  • Nautilus would be able to use the website for both active outgoing communications with investors through tools such as IRM Newsroom, and passive communications – by having the appropriate tools and content available to visitors, available through a well laid out structure and across all devices

The solution

We were able to achieve the brief and built a refreshed corporate website, which contains information for a broad range of stakeholders, including:

  • An overview of the business and team
  • Detail on the company’s focus on copper and gold rich seafloor massive sulphide discoveries in the Southwest Pacific
  • Educational resources which explain the technology that’s used to realise Nautilus’ deep seafloor resource production techniques
  • Information for TSX and OTCQX investors and
  • A jobseeker hub, where potential employees can review job vacancies and learn about working with Nautilus

The site also contains a number of advanced features, listed below:

  • IRM content management system for ease in ongoing maintenance
  • User security, user database management, audit trail
  • Email alerts capability
  • Online management tools: web usage and email statistics
  • Responsive design – website is view-able across majority of mobile devices
  • Supported by IRM’s specialist HQi software which delivers content and stakeholder management functionality along with continues improvements through software releases

Nautilus CARES microsite

Alongside the launch of Nautilus Minerals Inc.’s corporate site, a microsite was built – Nautilus CARES – which contains information for community and investors on Nautilus’ Corporate Social Responsibility framework.

The microsite serves to highlight the Community, Environment and workplace Health and Safety initiatives associated with Nautilus’ activities. Nautilus CARES also serves as a cultural program, ensuring people and companies that work with and for Nautilus Minerals are Community Accountable, Responsible Environmentally and Safe.

Along with a host of information on the programs, the site contains image galleries on Nautilus’ community work in PNG and Tonga, downloadable libraries of Environmental Impact Statements / related documentation, and resources for media.

Congratulations Nautilus Minerals Inc.!

We are so delighted with the outcome of the corporate website and Nautilus CARES microsite.  Thanks for the opportunity to work together on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website or investor centre?

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