Redesign ramps up Riversdale Resources website

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Well-designed. User-friendly. Responsive.

That's how clients and investors expect your website to be.

You can't just have any site if you want the needs of your audience and business to be met.

Your website must be attractive, easily navigable and engaging.

And if a redesign is necessary to address that requirement, why not? The returns of having a fresh new online presence would be worth it.

Among companies attuned to this essential is Riversdale Resources Limited, an Australian incorporated coal development company.

Riversdale recently embarked on a website renovation to ramp up its online presence. The company is focused on hard steelmaking coal projects with the potential to be developed into mines supplying steelmaking coal into the seaborne market.

The makeover for Riversdale’s site resulted in more vivid images throughout the web pages. Showcasing its burgeoning operations and projects.

The new website also features the company’s blog. Sharing real-life stories and photos of how Riversdale is contributing in environmental programs and fundraisers.

More of its company news are found on its Newsletter page within the site. It’s where subscribers could sign up to receive regular updates in an informative and colourful spread.

Riversdale intends to strengthen its communications with stakeholders soon as it becomes listed on the ASX. Its website is equipped with the IRM Newsroom to quickly send out ASX Announcements and other news items to investors. It can also relay messages via email or social media channels.

Riverdale’s latest site also makes it easy for the company to connect with contractors and potential employees. It provides a form in its Contractors page, where contractors can submit information regarding transactions with the company. While its Careers section allows future team members to enlist through an application form.


Riversdale’s website was developed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Riversdale on enhancing their investor communications capability.

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