Regal Funds Management shifts to custom-designed website

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Regal website

Do you realise how important your website design actually is?

It can make or break your business.

If it’s boring or is painstakingly slow to load... If it doesn’t show the information investors are looking for… then you’re in for trouble. That’s how the appearance and functionality of your site is crucial.

Even if your web page is simple, it will represent your company and will be key to your business.

Sure, you can try website builders to create your own site. But are you up to the challenge of making sure your website measures up? Not only to your standards but to your competitors’ as well?

Yup! There are just some jobs that cannot be replaced by a web design tool.

That’s why companies turn to professional developers when building a new website or updating their existing one. Some costs will be involved. But the potential returns for your business will be worth it. Because you’ll have the pros’ expertise and guidance to make your site work best for your company.

Here’s how Regal Funds Management took its website to the next level. Read on to pick up a few insights for your own site.

Regal is a specialist alternatives investment manager servicing a wide range of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Their original site was built on a platform that took too long to load and could no longer fulfill the company’s online needs. So, they sought professional help to migrate their site and secure the technical support needed to improve it.

In Regal's new website, you’ll see a well-designed layout that gives an overview of the company, its team, and its news. You'll discover why it’s one of Australia’s leading investment managers, as evidenced by its various awards displayed in the site.

As you smoothly navigate through its web pages, you’ll find information for Regal's up to eight funds for Australian, New Zealand and international investors. All documents, videos and enquiry forms related to each of the funds are contained in the website. An automated feature shows daily list prices investors can download any time as well.

Moreover, investors can be confident about Regal’s website security as it is equipped with an SSL certificate. A digital authentication that ensures privacy and data integrity in the site.

Regal’s website was designed using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Regal on progressing their online investor presence.

If you’re planning a website or redesigning one, here are some tips that might come in handy. Our website also has more on how you can have a site that’s tailor-made for your business.

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