Sipa Resources upgrades Website and Annual Report

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Perth-based Australian gold, base metals, and nickel exploration company – Sipa Resources Limited recently chose IRM for redevelopment of its website, and production of both printed and online Annual Reports.

Sipa Resources Limited and IRM had been working together for many years based on the IRM Newsroom service embedded in the old website. Evolution of the Sipa business created the need for better communication with investors, and so they chose IRM for both the new website and the Annual Report.

About Sipa Resources Limited

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1987, Sipa Resources Limited (ASX Code: SRI) is a Perth-based Australian gold, base metals and nickel exploration company with a proven track record.

The brief

With Sipa Resources Limited’s change of Managing Director, a refresh in the board, and shift from the shores of Australia to Uganda – the new team wanted their new website to reflect not only their recent company update but also reflect the latest user interface and design.

They liked the IRM Newsroom product, and felt that a more seamless integration with an upgraded website and Annual Report design presented a clearer, more consistent message to investors.

Sipa acknowledged their old website had some inadequate content and outdated design, and felt that the company should be better presented, particularly the grassroots discovery aspect which is key to the company’s story.

A key feature of the new website is the very comprehensive projects section. The full explanation of the potential of the projects gives investors greater confidence that Sipa knows its business and is excited by the potential.

Sipa is also very active in the community in Uganda, and the Social Responsibility section reinforces the company’s engagement with the local community, which is key to ongoing success.

The solution

We refreshed Sipa’s website with a modern design and new content taking into account their exploration attributes: e.g. using the map as the website’s background actually includes the location of their projects.

A more modern overall design was provided that showcased their company, project, sustainability, and investor information in a much clearer way that is easy to navigate and simple to digest.

The use also of their provided imagery that isn’t stock photos also makes the site unique and a perfect fit for the rebranding they needed.

The Annual Report produced by our Design team under Art Director Matt White is also presented online using the IRM Silver Annual Report product.

Congratulations Sipa Resources!

We are so happy with your new website and annual report we think it fits seamlessly in with your projects. Thanks for the continuing support and chance to work together again on the project!

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: or phone: +61 2 8705 5444, or see for more detail. To enquire about annual reports, contact Matt White at or phone +61 2 8257 3316.