St George Mining rigs out new investor website

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St George

From understanding your company's vision to tracking your financial performance, every aspect of your website needs to be meticulously crafted to place investors' interests at the forefront. It’s vital for your site to embody professionalism and user-friendliness, ensuring that even complex information is presented in a digestible format.

How do ASX-listed companies do it?

Take a closer look at one of the newest websites in the market, that of St George Mining (ASX: SGQ): The mining company is progressing a portfolio of quality exploration and development projects that are focused on critical metals for the clean energy future.

As you enter the St George website, its homepage extends a warm welcome, highlighting the company's commitment to transparency and effective communication. The intuitive layout ensures easy navigation, allowing investors to access crucial information without hassle. Its latest news, corporate video, as well as quick links to its projects, presentations and share price provide a snapshot of its current endeavours, ensuring stakeholders are always in the loop.

St George on devicesSt George's website runs smoothly on any screen size.

In the Corporate section, you’ll get to know St George’s directors and technical management, underscoring its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Aside from presenting its leadership team, this section also provides the company's corporate directory and corporate governance practices.

For those seeking in-depth insights into St George's financial performance and growth trajectory, the Investor Centre is a storehouse of information. Here, ASX Announcements, annual and quarterly reports, presentations, and videos are readily available. The interactive share price chart empowers investors to track performance over time, aiding in their assessment of the company's market position.

At the heart of St George’s undertakings lie its projects. The Projects section provides a comprehensive overview of the company's exploration and mining ventures, such as the Mt Alexander, Paterson, Broadview, Ajana and Woolgangie projects. Detailed descriptions are presented in a concise and comprehensible manner, including projects of its subsidiary Lithium Star in WA. Engaging maps and technical data here allows stakeholders to grasp the potential value these projects hold.

On top of these features, St George keeps ASX announcements up to date on the website and enables its news to be emailed to investors soon as they’re released from the ASX portal. A clever way to stay connected with stakeholders indeed.

St George joined forces with IRM for its new investor website, fitted out with IRM Newsroom, the news delivery tool for ASX-listed companies. IRM was delighted to collab with the mining company to build up its online presence.

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