SuperTrans Medical rolls out new website

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SuperTrans Medical website

Are you keen on growing your business this year? Waiting in the curtains to spread your wings at the right time?

Setting up your website will get more people to know about your company and help reach potential investors. It will serve as the go-to place where interested stakeholders will learn of your brand, your team and the product you are offering.

Your website will be a first point of contact for investors who are looking for information on your company. It will play a central role in communicating about your business and why it matters. It will present your investment case in an informative and attractive way, appealing to investors’ heads and hearts.

Among newly minted sites that make this happen is SuperTrans Medical’s website. SuperTrans is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel antibiotics to treat multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Check out its new website here.

SuperTrans’ website welcomes investors with a home page that exudes a clean corporate design. See how its logo and branding is effortlessly woven throughout the site. Setting up the stage as the company prepares for growth.

SuperTrans on devicesSuperTrans’ website works well on any screen size or mobile device.

This modern website not only offers key info about SuperTrans' business and leadership team. It clearly elaborates on its technology and pipeline, with rich visuals and content. Investment highlights are articulately described on its pages as well.

On top of that, SuperTrans’ website is in position to support the company’s communication needs as the business grows. Its user-friendly setup makes it easy to be updated with latest news on its web pages. Even emailed to investors, as needed in a timely fashion.

SuperTrans’ website was customised through IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was pleased to partner with SuperTrans in establishing its online investor presence.

Are you looking to expand your company with a great online presence too? Let’s build your investor website according to your needs. We can also help with your logo design and branding, if you haven’t one yet.

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