Support Request History

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Improved Support Request History

As part of our improved support arrangement and ongoing efforts to make all work on your site transparent we have now updated the HQi content management system to include your support history, which includes status and notes from our Support Team.

This will show emails submitted to support via the following three methods:

  1. Direct emails to
  2. Support requests that have also been submitted through HQi or
  3. Through the contact form on the IRM Help Centre.

How can I check the status of previous support requests?

You can now view the history once you are signed in to your instance of HQi by clicking on the Support Request History option on the left menu (shown below on the left) or the Support Request History option on the top right of the screen (shown below on the right).

More detailed instructions on how to view your history can be found here.

If you have any questions or feature requests please feel free to email these to