The importance of your online investor presence

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First impressions count.

As investors start to learn more about your company, they will usually check you out online first.

This helps them subconsciously decide whether to take the next step. Or to simply move on to other opportunities.

And when investors seek more information about you online, they’ll choose their touchpoints.

A great investor website is a good start. But it’s not enough.

At the outset, investors will often select other online places to visit. Like your Twitter account, a third-party news source, or maybe the ASX site where they can find your announcements.

That’s why your online investor presence needs to span several online touchpoints. Some of which you control directly, others you can only influence.

It’s important to create a great online investor presence, especially for channels you can manage firsthand, like your website, emails and social media pages.

Here are 4 key factors to give you a leg up on your online presence:

1. Impress investors with your online channels

Attract potential and current investors with a stunning look and feel on your website and all online places. Whether the touchpoint is a web page, an annual report, an email, a blog post, a tweet, a video, an image – it needs to simply look good, and attractive.

The emotional appeal of these online touchpoints must be just as exceptional as the information you provide. Because a significant part of investor decisions to move forward in their journey is based on emotions and impressions.

2. Respond well to any online device

Your website, emails, reports, and other online materials must be mobile-friendly. They should look great on every phone or tablet (landscape or portrait), browser or screen size.

A responsive design on these online channels will provide an optimal user experience for your investors, regardless of the device they use. It will give an easy reading and navigation experience, with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

3. Recognise the role of ASX Announcements

Your ASX Announcements don’t only meet your regulatory obligations. They don't only tell your story to the market. They are the base online media for touchpoints, such as social media and third-party websites.

But don't leave your news up to these web portals and financial sites. Be the authority on all your company news. Display your ASX Announcements on your website immediately after they are released. Share them promptly via email and social media as well.

4. Engage with investors online

Connect with investors, wherever they are, the minute you have news. Use an automated email alerts service and send out announcements immediately once they’re released.

You can also use social media to get quick feedback. Or provide a foreign language page for investors who don't have English as their main language. These efforts will help keep your communication lines open with investors so they can remain engaged in your business.

To sum things up

With a great online investor presence, you’re helping investors take that next step in their journey towards a positive investment decision. Remember to impress investors with your online channels that respond well to any device. Recognise the role of ASX Announcements and don’t forget to engage with your investors online.

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