Variscan Mines website delivers attractive investor features

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Variscan website

When investors find your website, do they immediately know it's the right one they've been searching for?

Or would they need to sift through your web pages just to understand what your company is all about? (Uh-oh.)

That’s why it’s not only important for your website to be visually appealing. It should also be easy to navigate, providing information investors seek.

You'd want your homepage to clearly present your business name and introduce your products or services. A simple description would quickly attract investors' attention, ideally within 2-3 seconds. It would encourage them to keep exploring your website too.

To illustrate this point, visit the website of Variscan Mines and experience how well it delivers to its investor community.

Variscan (ASX:VAR) is an Australian resource company focused on exploring and developing strategic mineral deposits. The company's portfolio of high-impact base-metals interests includes projects in Spain, Chile and Australia.

Pay attention to the website design’s clean aesthetic. You’ll easily locate details about the company, with quick links to its latest news and updates. Variscan’s projects in different regions are also distinctly displayed with appropriate descriptions.

Slide over to the website’s Investor Centre and draw inspiration from its well-defined layout. This section allows stakeholders to quickly find Variscan’s financial reports, presentations and ASX announcements. Offering key information that’s pertinent to their investment decisions.

Aside from being mobile-friendly, another great thing about this new website is that it can be updated regularly. Yup, no web developer skills needed! Variscan’s authorised team members can edit pages and upload announcements anytime, anywhere from their selected device.

Variscan’s website was developed through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom.  As online investor communications specialists, IRM were delighted to work with Variscan on innovating their online investor presence.

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