Vitalharvest gets all revved up for the market

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Going public.

It’s more than just selling stock.

It’s a definitive sign of your company's success.

To be sure, you’ll undertake a massive effort in the process. It IS after all a significant event in your company’s life.

But it will all be worth it. As your public offering would provide your business access to essential capital for its pivotal growth.

Ready with all the requirements you’ll be subject to once you’re listed? The process will involve a lot of communication, not only with regulators, but with your investors as well.

As you’ll be reaching out to a wider audience, a bigger investment community, your communications strategy needs to up its game too. To secure a proper system that guarantees a flow of accurate and timely information.

Perhaps some ideas can inspire you from the website of Vitalharvest Freehold Trust, which recently launched in the market.

Vitalharvest (ASX:VTH) is an agricultural real estate investment trust managed by goFARM Asset Management. The trust’s objective is to provide unitholders with exposure to real agricultural property assets whose earnings profile and underlying value are exposed to the growing global agricultural demand for nutritious, healthy food.

Prior to its listing, Vitalharvest took charge of setting up its website to provide crucial information about its business. Of course, equally important to the data presented was the clean aesthetic layout that made the site appealing to its audience. And not to forget, the site’s operating system that powered its web pages to give a smooth functionality for users.

Once listed, unveiling its investor pages was a breeze as they were prepared ahead of time. Allowing Vitalharvest to quickly convey its ASX announcements, annual reports, and other key details on its site. With the capability of sending these news items to stakeholders via email. Simultaneous with its release from the ASX.

And talking about being transparent with its investors, Vitalharvest’s share prices and charts are highlighted on its home page and Investor Centre. Providing the most updated data for shareholders, current and potential ones too.

Vitalharvest’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM was pleased to work with Vitalharvest on launching their online presence.

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