We’re proud to introduce the IRM Newsroom Plugin for WordPress

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IRM Newsroom plugin

Do you use WordPress for your main corporate website?

The IRM Newsroom plugin for WordPress makes it easy to share your ASX announcements to your site as well as your email subscribers and social media followers. It’s full integration between IRM Newsroom and WordPress!

Publish and Distribute ASX Announcements direct from WordPress

You can now use the features of IRM Newsroom to display your ASX Announcements – and any other news – on your WordPress website, on multiple web pages of your choice. You can also recruit email subscribers, publish news to social media and much more with this plugin.

If you have other sources of news, they are welcome as well. Collect and publish them through IRM Newsroom. Distribute to your WordPress website pages of your choice, email alerts, social media. 

IRM Newsroom pluginIRM Newsroom plugin integrates smoothly on WordPress websites.

Integrate your WordPress blog

If you are using WordPress as a company blog, the IRM Newsroom plugin can also set it to be part of your corporate website. Blog posts and other news (eg ASX Announcements) can be integrated into one sensible news feed that investors will appreciate.

This will allow you to share your blog posts to your corporate site, email subscribers and social media channels – all from one place.

How does the IRM Newsroom plugin work?

The plugin is installed on your WordPress instance and a simple setup is required to allow your WordPress site to communicate with IRM Newsroom, and vice versa.

Benefits of IRM Newsroom

  • Automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.
  • One click to release announcements
  • Simple editing features to change messaging per announcement
  • Flexible options to change distribution channels per announcement
  • Ability to add extra feeds, such as Proactive Investors, etc.
  • Powerful and robust platform delivering over 1,000 ASX announcements and over 700,000 emails per month

IRM Newsroom distributionIRM Newsroom plugin enables instant news distribution via your website, email and social media.

But what if I don’t have an IRM or WordPress website? Can I still get the benefits of IRM Newsroom?

Of course. IRM Newsroom can be integrated into any website with a JSON feed that can deliver the benefits of IRM Newsroom to any website.

IRM Newsroom is now available for everybody.

What does this mean? It means that you still get the great benefits of using IRM Newsroom mentioned above including the automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels.

To find out more about how IRM Newsroom can save you time, visit www.irmau.com or contact us on +61 2 8705 5444 or clientrelations@irmau.com.

For even more information, feel free to view our IRM Newsroom FAQs here.