WIM Resource website drives investor engagement

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WIM Resource

Having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses across all industries, including mining. Companies in this sector are recognising the importance of having a website to showcase their operations, communicate with stakeholders, and attract potential investors.

Among excellently launched sites in this space is that of WIM Resource, an emerging major producer of zircon, titanium, and rare earth minerals. Visit www.wimresource.com.au to see how its website serves as a central hub for stakeholders to access information about the Australian company's projects, values, and contributions to the community.

Upon entering the homepage of the site, a clean and intuitive design greets you, bringing out attractive visuals that highlight WIM's undertakings. The use of high-quality images and minimalistic layout enhances your user experience, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need.

One of the key features of WIM’s site is its About Us section, where you can get an overview of the company and its leadership team. Its vision as well as its social and environmental values are well articulated here to help stakeholders understand its role in the mining sector.

WIM on devicesWIM Resource website renders fluidly on any screen size or device.

Another important part of the website is its Projects section, which highlights WIM’s world-class ventures through an interactive map. You can explore detailed information about its Avonbank flagship project and other pipelines from here, with their location, resource geology, and status.

In addition to showcasing its mining projects, WIM's website underscores a Community section, which outlines its efforts to engage with and support the areas where it operates. Through partnerships, sponsorships, and community engagement, this section demonstrates the company's commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Finally, the Media section of the website provides access to the company’s news, image gallery and videos. This section serves as a valuable resource for investors seeking information about its latest developments and performance.

WIM has collabed with IRM for its corporate website needs for over a decade now. In fact, IRM was thrilled to launch the mining company’s second site exactly 10 years from the go-live of its first one. Talk about a solid partnership!

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