Youfoodz investor website bolsters IPO

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Youfoodz website

Investors do their own research as they consider your company for a possible investment, especially during your initial public offering.

They'll seek to know your company's strategy and plans to make good returns. They'll want to find out who’s directing and managing your business, as well as other corporate information on investment.

To address all these needs, investors expect your company to have a website where they can easily access facts and figures about your business. Your investor site is the most essential information source for stakeholders, particularly as you get listed.

Your investor site will affirm your financial brand and foster your company’s professionalism. It will communicate your investment value to create interest in investor networks and expand your shareholder base. 

Investors will be looking your website up once your stock starts trading. Without this dedicated site, you may be losing potential investors as an audience.

Case in point - the new Youfoodz investor website. A compelling example of a newly launched investor-focused site fitted out in time for its IPO.

Youfoodz specialises in the production and distribution of high quality and affordable fresh, ready-made meals and other convenience food products. The company already had a significant online presence with its current customer website. But they needed a separate investor-centric site to effectively deliver targeted communications for its IPO and onwards.

Youfoodz on devicesYoufoodz's investor website runs smoothly on desktop or mobile devices.

Browse Youfoodz’s new investor website to see how it seamlessly mirrors its customer site’s look. This consistency in branding instantly affirms investors that they’ve landed on the right website, no need to look elsewhere.

Soon as its IPO commenced, Youfoodz’s ASX announcements were up and running on the website. Its share price information was in position as well. These important details were housed within the site’s Investor Centre, along with its prospectus and other key investor information.

Being the savvy website that it is, Youfoodz’s investor site is easy to update with the latest company news, which can also be simultaneously emailed to subscribers. This way investor communications are smooth and timely. No need for a separate software to deliver announcements.

Youfoodz investor website was developed through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. IRM was delighted to work with Youfoodz in stepping up its online investor presence.

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