Unlisted Public Companies

Unlisted Public Companies

Unlisted public companies have many of the same investor communication needs as listed companies. They have a number of shareholders who will need to be able to reference corporate information and be reassured about the investment proposition. They also need a base level of corporate information to support successive funding rounds.
There is a news flow for investors in these companies – typically through a news release, newsletter or an “announcement” distributed to all investors.
There are strict rules about soliciting new investors of course, so the investor website for unlisted companies needs to be compliant.
As unlisted public companies progress towards a possible listing (IPO or RTO), there are stages involving the issue of a prospectus and leading up to the transaction or float. During these later stages there are usually time critical information distribution requirements.

IRM and Unlisted Public Companies

Benefits of having an early association with IRM are primarily related to the ability to embrace the "investors" - the broader community of people who have invested or might invest, or might influence investors. By building a community of interested people and taking them on the journey through to listing, unlisted companies can increase the propensity of people to make the investment when needed.

It's great to keep people informed and comfortable with the activities of the company by regularly distributing news using IRM Newsroom leading up to the listing. This process can also encourage shareholders to keep their shares well after listing because they feel more involved with the company.

An IRM investor website with IRM Newsroom for news distribution is an ideal way to communicate well with investors during the whole process, and then can lead seamlessly to a full listed company website by the addition of the further pages relating to the actual listing (e.g. share prices and charts, ASX Announcements etc.)

Another benefit is that the investor website is a full support mechanism for the process, not just a compliance-focused afterthought that might create a false impression that the company doesn't care about investor communication.
A number of existing investor website clients have been through the IPO process with IRM, and the following unlisted companies are currently supported by IRM websites:


Special Pricing for pre-listing companies

IRM recognises the financial challenges faced by unlisted public companies that don’t have ready access to funds. In addition, the demands on IRM by unlisted companies are typically smaller than for listed companies.
Accordingly, IRM offers concessional licence fees for IRM Newsroom for unlisted public companies.