Using HQi for an Intranet

There’s some great intranet software around, at different price points. If your needs are simple – for example a secure area to hold Board Papers to display in folders for Board members, then the file folder and display features of HQi might be all you need.
Present the intranet as a micro site, with secure login capabilities, and use HQi to upload documents. Distribute notifications of new articles in the Intranet by email to subscribers. Manage the subscriber list and login processes using HQi administration.
Organise the files, folders and image galleries in the document repository using HQi’s content management capabilities.
Sophisticated and complex it isn’t: but it doesn’t need the IT department or separate secure servers.
IRM doesn’t market HQi specifically as an Intranet product, but a number of clients use a separate instance for this purpose.
Unfortunately, we can’t show you any examples!