Make all of your online touchpoints quick and easy to update and maintain, using content management tools.

Be able to add new pages and change navigation easily within your CMS.

Have ways of keeping up to date with new technology.

Update content, messaging and navigation as news happens.

Have the ability to update content and design as separate aspects without one disrupting the other.

Institutionalise the process. Make it possible for relatively junior people to produce good quality online IR with little effort.

A website which is hard to maintain will fall behind, and progression rates will suffer.

Here are IRM’s top three hints for easily maintainable online IR:

Subject Suggestion
Website Content Management System (CMS)
  • Have a CMS where it is as easy to update a web page as it is to update a word document
  • Make sure the CMS is easy to use, fast and forgiving.
Social Media Posts
  • Have a slick internal process for posting key messages to social media immediately.
  • Look to automate as much as possible. Specifically, at the point of release of an ASX Announcement

A full review from IRM will identify and discuss more than 10 additional ways to improve maintainability.