HQi Blog

HQi Blog gives you an easy way to share your company story and updates across your investor audience.

You won’t need a separate blogging site to link to your website. Because you’ll be blogging within HQi, the same technology that runs your site and IRM Newsroom. It’s less of a hassle for you, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran blogger.

What's even more exciting about the HQi blog is that you can simply send out your blog posts to different channels through IRM Newsroom. So you can quickly share your blog posts on your website, social media accounts or to your email subscribers.

You can even include your blog in the news feed on your website or other sites, much like the news feeds from third-party providers.

HQi Blog is available as a Premium Feature on certain HQi Plans and Newsroom Plans, and as an HQi Blog Only Plan. Check out more details of this on the HQi Blog Plans and Prices page. Speak to us if you need any help on setting up your blog in HQi.

Blogging in HQi is as easy as 1-2-3

Check out how HQi Blog gives you a great blogging experience!


Blog in HQi

Create your own blog page in HQi or IRM Newsroom, where you can write and layout all your blog posts. Publish them directly to your main HQi website blog posts page right away if you like. No need for a separate blogging platform!

Share your blog posts

Amplify your blog posts as news using IRM Newsroom. Post them on your website in multiple categories, interleave with other news (eg on your home page headline news box), email to subscribers or share on your social media accounts. Have IRM Newsroom do it automatically or have it ask you for authorisation of distribution channels each time.

Make it a news source for others

Use your blog as a news feed for IRM Newsroom on other HQi sites or other copies of IRM Newsroom. Share the news around! It's great for multiple websites under one group or industry.

If your blog is in WordPress...

  • Your WordPress blog can be integrated into your website through our IRM WordPress Plugin.
  • You can also share your blog posts to different channels via IRM Newsroom using the same plugin.
  • But why not think about using our migration tools to move it to HQi.