Three Included Consulting Services Per Annum

IRM offers a number of consulting services relating to the website, with details available in a separate section of the Product Catalog

Product Name:

Three Included Consulting Services Per Annum


IRM Consulting Services are available under IRM Support Plans and may incur a cost in hours to deliver them.
As a Premium Feature of IRM Websites, IRM provides up to three Consulting Services at no additional charge.
Three free consulting services per annum is a Premium Feature of HQi, so it available with HQi Corporate as the chosen premium feature, and is available with all other Premium Features in HQi Enterprise.


Clients typically ask for Health Checks (statistics / usage reports), SEO 101 or SEO 102 reports, or lists of website suggestions as consulting services.

Manufacturer Name:

IRM Pty Ltd

Category Name:

Website Premium Features


No Charge