HQi Email Alerts Service

HQi supports an Email Alerts subscriber database and the ability to send Email Alerts when a new item is added to a "list page"

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HQi Email Alerts Service


Not an IRM Newsroom user, yet you still want to send Email Alerts? Perhaps to maintain a Newsletter mailing list, or keep people in touch with product developments or your blog posts. HQi has the capability to recruit and manage email alert subscribers using all the facilities of IRM Newsroom. From there, you can send an Email Alert whenever you add a news item to a "list page" on the website - ie any page which is a list of items such as latest news, newsletters, blog posts and more


Website pages and widgets for recruiting self enrolling email alert subscribers, supporting unsubscribes bouncebacks etc. Back end capabilities to upload and export subscriber lists, divide into subscriber groups, set up email alert templates and more. Just upload your news article to any list page and click the "Send Email" option. View the statistics of each campaign using link tracking.
Individual HQi Premium features do not attract separate ongoing charges. There may be time charged to your support plan to set up the feature in your instance of HQi.

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As a HQi Premium Feature, this is added on to the HQi Corporate plan (only one premium feature for Corporate plans) and is available with all other Premium Features on the HQi Enterprise plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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Website Premium Features


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