Image Galleries

Display your images in galleries, and in multipel galleries organised with Gallery Containers

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Image Galleries


Images look great on websites. Organise your images itn Image Galleries and highlight them on a standard HQi web page or a customised page that features them in your personal style. Help the SEO with alt tags and add captions for display. Maintain all the data in HQi. Use the images elsewhere on the website as highlight images. Lots of images? Set up Gallery Containers, and use them to promote groups of images from various sections of your website.


Upload images one at a time or in bulk using HQi. Add alt tags and captions. Organise into galleries and organise galleries into gallery containers. Display with standard or custom web pages. Have as many images, galleries and gallery containers as you wish.
Individual HQi Premium features do not attract separate ongoing charges. There may be time charged to your support plan to set up the feature in your instance of HQi.

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As a HQi Premium Feature, this is added on to the HQi Corporate plan (only one premium feature for Corporate plans) and is available with all other Premium Features on the HQi Enterprise plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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Website Premium Features


No Charge


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