HQi Custom Mailshots

If you use the HQi Email Alerts service, you can do a custom mailshot

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HQi Custom Mailshots


Create your email alert template or use an existing one, and simply use the "Compose New Mail" feature to create and send an email campaign to your email subscribers or a selected subscriber group.


You an send an email to your subscriber list from HQi even if it's not related to updating a specific piece of content on the website. While this is not the level of function of a proper email campaign service, it makes up in simplicity and ease of use for those who have an occasional simple message to go the the HQi subscriber list.
You can set up a new email template for this (or each) custom mailshot, and just add your content each time using the Compose New Mail feature.
You will also be able to see the statistics from the email in HQi.
Refer to the IRM Help Centre for information on how to do this.
Individual HQi Premium features do not attract separate ongoing charges. There may be time charged to your support plan to set up the feature in your instance of HQi.

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As a HQi Premium Feature, this is added on to the HQi Corporate plan (only one premium feature for Corporate plans) and is available with all other Premium Features on the HQi Enterprise plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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Website Premium Features


No Charge