Corporate Calendar

Display your corporate calendar on the webstie. Update easily through HQi.

Product Name:

Corporate Calendar


The IRM corporate calendar lets you simply update details of upcoming milestones or events, with a date and description of each. The calendar will display according to your chosen styling.
Automatic archiving of calendar entries and ordering by date means your task of keeping the online calendar up to date is made easy.


Each entry is entered individually within HQi, the corporate calendar feature keeps them organised.
For a full description of how to sue this feature visit the IRM Help Centre.
Individual HQi Premium features do not attract separate ongoing charges. There may be time charged to your support plan to set up the feature in your instance of HQi.

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As a HQi Premium Feature, this is added on to the HQi Corporate plan (only one premium feature for Corporate plans) and is available with all other Premium Features on the HQi Enterprise plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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Website Premium Features


No Charge