News Touchpoints

Touchpoints for News

The investor website needs to be the authority on all news. It should display the ASX Announcements made by a company immediately after they are released by ASX. Not the next day, or even an hour later. Any company that has a manual, people-dependent multi-step process to achieve this cannot be happy that it can reliably and consistently achieve this standard.
Likewise, for non ASX Announcement news, it should also get to the key investors from the company first, not from a third party. Otherwise the impression created is that the company doesn’t really care about keeping people informed.
Unfortunately investors are probably not looking at the website just at the moment the news is released. So they will only find it when they next decide to look, which could be a long time away. By then the news is stale and the market has moved.


Investors need an immediate notification that there is some news. The pervasive notification system is email. So every listed company should distribute email notifications of its announcements to all its known interested investors – immediately after the announcement is released. Not a day later or even an hour later. Most investors have email on their mobile device, and will get a notification of all emails. Ping, and you’ve delivered the news immediately.
Social media also often offers notification capabilities. Posting news to social platforms might just be the notification that draws an investor's attention to the news, even if it's exactly the same content that was just published on the website or in an email.
Regardless of the touchpoint used, the content that investors view is most likely sourced from the investor website, and often that’s just the PDF of the ASX Announcement.

The Website as a News Touchpoint

Clearly the main place for news is on the investor website. On this page we explore in some detail how to present news on the website.

Great websites are responsive to different screen sizes and different devices - desktops, tablets and phones. So a responsive corporate website delivers news to investors wherever they are and whatever device they choose to use. It's the one touchpoint for news.

Other Online Touchpoints

Not all investors will choose the website as their first point of contact. They may be using other online touchpoints controlled by the company - the company's IR App, or a company page on Social Media. When there is news, these additional touchpoints need to reflect that piece of news - immediately. 

Online touchpoints controlled by third parties will also carry the news. Companies can use various methods to distribute their version of the news to those third parties in the hope that it will most strongly influence the content and timing of the third party piece.

There are a number of news distribution channels to reach many media outlets all around the world. A company can help them by being the source of the news that they get, immediately when it's available.