Which HQi Plan

Different companies have different needs for their corporate website. Each one will be different and should consider which HQi plan is appropriate.

Choose the HQi Hosting Plan if:

  • Your need is for a small but high-quality corporate website
  • Your website content is mainly static
  • You don’t have resources inside the company to do content changes
  • Your budget is restricted
  • The company is at an early stage of development

Choose the HQi Corporate Plan if:

  • Your corporate website needs to present a strong and dynamic image which will change over time
  • You have appropriate internal resources within the company with one user profile to make website content changes
  • One user training session per annum and unlimited phone / email support.
  • You need only one premium feature e.g. Careers Section
  • You are interested in occasional website support and consulting assistance

Choose the HQi Enterprise Plan if:

  • Your corporate website is large, full featured and dynamic
  • You will have strong internal content management capabilities with an unlimited number of user profiles to manage website content changes
  • You want to choose any number of Premium Features
  • You appreciate IRM's expert ongoing involvement and will receive up to three included HQi consulting services each year.
  • You may need unlimited telephone support and the first 15 minutes of support time per change is free (fair go policy applies!)