WordPress VPS Hosting Plan

IRM can host WordPress websites, whether developed by IRM or by your developers. We created a sophisticated yet elegant enterprise-level hosting infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same platform used by Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack and Adobe.

Our infrastructure comprises multiple duplicated and synced servers for high-availability, multiple load balancers, separate highly-available database servers, and a content delivery network, which all of these combined will provide increased reliability and improved performance platform that is built to handle even the heaviest traffic loads.

We have backups, snapshots, uptime monitoring, alert thresholds, a Web Application Firewall, and other defences such as DDoS protection to ensure the security and availability of the sites we host and manage. Services are monitored 24/7 and we are proud to report 100% uptime across the board since inception. Our servers and tools are regularly penetration tested using internal and external toolsets.

Under this Plan, IRM provides the following services:

  • Hosting of your WordPress website or blog on professional web servers in a VPS hosting environment hosted in Australia
  • Troubleshooting and support for your hosting enquiries, as needed
  • Site changes to the WordPress website are not included, these need a separate IRM Support Plan.
  • Integrate IRM Newsroom into your WordPress website or blog using the IRM Newsroom Plugin

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WordPress VPS Hosting Plan

$105 per month
(through Amazon Web Services)

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