IPO's and RTO's

IPO Roadmap Quote Request IRM has a great deal of experience supporting companies with their initial listing on the ASX, or with a backdoor listing (reverse takeover).

Typically such a client comes to IRM during the pre-listing stage. We may have already been looking after their site as an unlisted public company. The action starts with a decision to issue a Prospectus.

A No-Obligation IPO Roadmap

CLICK HERE to ask IRM to provide a no-obligation confidential roadmap to great investor communication for your upcoming IPO or RTO. 

Your IPO Roadmap will fill out the details of content, time and cost of an online communications platform using the following broad suggested stages. It's easier than you think!


The IPO website and online communications strategy should ideally start before the prospectus is actually issued - while it's being prepared.

Here are some issues to think about:

  • Does the online presence reflect the excitement that the owners feel about the company?
  • Is there a news flow for current shareholders and potential investors - newsletters, blog posts etc?
  • Use IRM Newsroom to embrace the known potential investors with company news and updates on progress to listing 
  • Update the company branding to reflect the new direction and show on the website
  • Consider the social media presence - like, post and tweet your news

Consider whether the new investor content will be reflected in a new corporate website for all target audiences, a specialised investor website separate to the commercial / retail site, or integrated as a series of investor features into an existing website. IRM can assist with all website strategies

For all investor websites, if you really want more than a "just a website" and want to keep investors informed quickly and easily during the IPO and beyond, we recommend including IRM Newsroom.

Prospectus Issue

This is a busy time. Best to have the online presence in place before all this work absorbs the team!

Some actions at this stage:

  • Update the website for the new business descriptions being written for the prospectus (that are public so far)
  • Prepare draft (unpublished) pages for the website with all the new corporate information that can't be shown until the prospectus is released. Turn those pages on as the prospectus launches.
  • Prepare a hidden prospectus page, including the necessary legal disclaimers, approvals etc. Upload the final document when it's finally approved, and make the prospectus page live.
  • Consider using IRM's Online Interactive Report product for the prospectus document.
  • Consider minor changes to the site for any changes in branding etc., and update the home page to feature the prospectus and other new investor content.
  • Use IRM Newsroom to email the news about the prospectus and a link to the website prospectus page to the email list you prepared in earlier stages.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a sample IRM website for a mythical pre-IPO company. 


As the Bell Rings

As soon as the listing is happening - preferably while the bell is ringing - put the full set of investor pages live on the website. Use IRM Newsroom to email the key ASX Announcement to email subscribers and post it to social media. Have it all set up in advance so it can simply be turned on.

At IRM, we love watching the bell ring, turning on new investor website pages, sending out the email alerts, and making a tweet or two, all at the same time.

Post Listing

After the transaction is done and you've settled into listed company life, and the effort and cost of the transaction is behind you, it becomes apparent that you're largely on your own in communicating with investors.

If you've managed the process with a professional online investor presence throughout, your investors will not see you as an amateur new IPO, but a full scale ASX listed company from day 1. No need to ask for forgiveness from them, and immediately look more attractive to investors than all the other IPOs.

The post listing website needs most of the full set of investor features of an ASX listed company sooner or later. Why not do it sooner?

Here's a sample IRM website for a mythical post-listing company. 


Recent IPOs supported by IRM

IRM has supported a number of companies through the listing process and beyond, providing effective online investor communications before, during and after the IPO process.

You can read about our support for recent IPOs: 

For a fuller list, try our client stories.

IRM have been fantastic, and it’s been very easy and seamless working with them. We would have no problem recommending you to other companies. Also, you were beyond patient, and willing to make quick changes when needed. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Ana Kresina, Marketing and Programming Manager


Didn't do it that way?

So you've completed your IPO/RTO and didn't do it that way?

Never mind, IRM helps lots of companies in the first year or so after listing when they begin to realise that investor communication is really necessary because the initial advisers and brokers have moved on to someone else's transactions.

The post listing example website above is still a good guide to what can be done.

Costs are very important

During an IPO process, money is tight. IRM understands. We have special deals and prices for pre-listing, IPO and post IPO clients.

Some indicators of pricing are contained in our Website FAQ's. Contact us to find out more.