Australian Bauxite website steps up with company’s progress

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Australian Bauxite

Giving your website a refresh is one of the best things you can do for your business. Updating your site is important and should not be underestimated – especially in today’s highly competitive online world.

With investors now more often online, your website’s look and functionality need to keep pace with the times. Regular content updates will also promote your business, attract more investors, and help your company grow. More so if your venture is expanding.

But updating content would be challenging if your website is not set up in a user-friendly way. Constantly needing a web developer for any info changes can put a damper on your company’s communications, yes?

Wouldn’t it be great if your website would enable you to do the updates yourself? Allowing you to bring your site up to speed without having to pay a web designer to do small amends.

How about checking out Australian Bauxite’s new website as a benchmark? Australian Bauxite (ASX: ABX) is an innovative business, which has developed new technologies to improve bauxite application across the aluminium, cement, and fertiliser industries.

Australian Bauxite on devicesAustralian Bauxite's website looks great on any screen size and device.

Start off with Australian Bauxite’s homepage and see how the upgraded aesthetics reflects the company’s brand while giving clear navigation to key investor information. Right off the bat, investors will quickly find the company’s description and latest news. Links to its projects, share price, analyst coverage and such are also accessible from there.

Among Australian Bauxite’s newly minted web pages, you’ll find its investor centre with a wealth of data, like ASX announcements, financial results, and presentations. A dedicated section also provides info about its chemical refining subsidiary Alcore, which aspires to be Australia’s first producer of aluminium fluoride.

Plus points as Australian Bauxite’s website is set up with a laser focus on its investor communications. This means the company can easily update its pages or upload ASX announcements at any time without requiring web development skills. Cool!

Australian Bauxite’s website was built on IRM’s HQi content management system. What a pleasure for IRM to team up with Australian Bauxite as it levels up its online investor presence.

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