IPO Snapshot: Investor websites of newly listed companies

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IPO Snapshot

With the recent market rally, a window to list is evident and the pipeline for initial public offerings (IPOs) is surging. Thanks to the synergy of companies’ capital raising needs and investors’ drive for investment profitability.

As markets have regained confidence, many up-and-coming companies are snapping up the opportunity to offer shares in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). New listees have joined the bourse in the past months and more are scheduled to list soon.

Not all IPOs are created equal though. Each is dependent on varying market forces.

But businesses that operated as though they were public companies way ahead of their listing day had optimal advantage for IPO success. Among their smart strategies, these companies had websites that fully supported their investor communications from the get-go. It’s one of the clever moves that enabled them to smoothly ease into public company status.

Is your company soon to line up among ASX debutantes? Perhaps these websites from newly listed companies will offer inspiration on how to pull things off nicely. Check out these snapshots of investor websites, fresh from their successful IPOs.

Desert Metals website

Nickel and copper exploration company Desert Metals (ASX:DM1) commenced trading in December 2020 on the ASX, following the completion of its IPO.

Launched in time for its IPO bid, Desert Metals’ website was well-equipped for its offering and onwards. The site’s clean layout and vivid images provided a wealth of information on its projects in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia. Likewise, the website highlighted its prospectus prominently and invited investors to sign up for email alerts to keep up to date with company news.

Desert Metals websiteClick the image to visit Desert Metals’ website.

Youfoodz Holdings investor website

Youfoodz Holdings (ASX:YFZ), one of Australia’s fastest growing consumer food brands, commenced trading in December 2020 on the ASX, following the completion of its IPO.

Youfoodz’s investor website seamlessly mirrored its customer site’s look for consistency in branding. Soon as its IPO commenced, Youfoodz’s ASX announcements were up and running on the site with its share price information in position as well. These important details were housed within the site’s Investor Centre, along with its prospectus and other key investor information.

Youfoodz websiteClick on the image to visit Youfoodz's investor website.

MyDeal.com.au investor website

MyDeal.com.au, an online retail marketplace focused on household goods, commenced trading in October 2020 on the ASX, following the completion of its IPO.

MyDeal’s clutter-free homepage aptly describes its business and directs investors to its share price information and ASX announcements. Facilitating quick access of material information about the company. Fresh from its IPO, the website has expanded its investor section with news delivery to stakeholders and additional facets.

MyDeal websiteClick the image to visit MyDeal's investor website.

Siren Gold website

Gold explorer Siren Gold (ASX: SNG) commenced trading in October 2020 on the ASX, following the completion of its IPO.

Siren Gold’s prospectus and fact sheet are showcased on the website to detail its offer and provide all data needed to weigh opportunities related to an investment. Among brilliant features, its investment case clearly describes the company’s business model and why it’s worth investing in.

Siren Gold websiteClick the image to visit Siren Gold's website.

Indeed, these websites are just a few that have strongly demonstrated great investor features from pre-IPO stage to successful listing. What's even ingenious about these sites is their scalability and user-friendly setup. Starting with only a few web pages then adding more as their respective IPOs advanced to fruition.  

In a snap

Having a website that fully supports your investor communications is crucial, especially when you’re entering an IPO process. This excellent tactic will help empower a smooth transition into public company status, as in the example websites cited above.

A clear path forward

Are you preparing for your upcoming IPO? You’ll need the confidence that comes from working with a team of dedicated professionals, like IRM. We have been creating top-notch investor websites for ASX listed companies since 2002.

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