IRM’s 500th client: Galena Mining launches website, Abra JV site

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Galena website

Congratulations to Galena Mining, IRM’s 500th all-time client, which recently launched its own website! What a pleasure to serve our milestone client that also simultaneously launched its Abra Mining joint venture site.

Galena Mining (ASX: G1A) is an Australian mining and exploration company, which owns 60% of the Abra Base Metals Mine and 100% of the Jillawarra Project in WA. Abra is a joint venture between Galena and Toho Zinc, the leading producer of lead in Japan.

Galena teamed up with IRM to customise their website needs. Galena’s main business is their joint venture, Abra Mining, an operating mine with its own brand. To address the different target audiences of the two entities, similar website styles were used, with some overlap in the messages. The result is two separate but complementary websites for their respective audiences.

Check them out: Galena - and Abra -

Explore Galena’s homepage to experience the inviting visuals laid out in smooth navigation that easily guides investors as they learn all about the company. See how its share price is prominently located on the site, along with the prices of lead and silver. You’ll find Abra highlights and its pathway to production in this section too.

Talking about quickly finding key data, Galena website’s Investor Centre welcomes with its latest ASX announcements, presentations and financial reports. Videos detailing the Abra mine are also showcased in this segment.

Galena on devicesGalena and Abra's websites look and function impeccably on any device.

Among engaging pages of the site, you’ll uncover Galena’s ESG section where it discusses its environmental, social and governance efforts. A testament on how the company is committed to managing its business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Abra’s website, on the other hand, is interconnected with Galena’s site while retaining its own brand. You can simply move to the joint venture’s site from Galena’s without missing Abra’s unique identity as you land on its web pages. Its banner’s drone footage of the mine and brand colours are among salient features that set it apart.

Drop by Abra’s About Us page to catch an overview of the company and its leadership. Head to its Abra Mine section to understand more about mineral resources or get updates on the Abra tenements in its Exploration page. These are just some of the brilliant pages to check out in Abra’s site.

Galena and Abra’s websites were built on IRM’s HQi content management system for ASX-listed companies. IRM was thrilled to work with Galena in advancing the online presence of both entities.

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