Monsoon Communications website breezes into business

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Monsoon website

With the fast-changing digital space, there will always be new apps, platforms and social media trends turning up as latest online communications.

But despite the different channels added each year, one thing is for sure. The dependable corporate website remains at the forefront of digital communications. It’s still the first place people go to when checking out a company, yours included.

Clients expect you to have a website when they Google your business on the web. It’s where they find out about your products and services. Plus, it reaches a wider audience as it is accessible beyond the confines of your office location or operating hours.

What’s best about it is that your website is where you control the narrative. It lets you tell your story in a way that gives a true representation of your brand. Talk about making the right first impression.

Monsoon on devicesMonsoon's website runs smoothly on desktops or mobile devices.

Take a look at how Monsoon Communications' new website does this effortlessly. Visit its recently launched online headquarters at

Monsoon is a Melbourne-based financial public relations consultancy. Its team provides clients with professional services in advocacy, investor relations, profile building, media management, strategic advice, communication skills and event management.

As you arrive at Monsoon’s homepage, its clutter-free layout and crisp visuals will move you to explore more sections as you learn about the company. Get to know its team on its About Us pages and see how it supports clients in its Our Business segment.

Moreover, Monsoon’s website engages visitors to connect with the company through its Contact Us portion where you can also sign up to receive email alerts of the company’s news. It’s a nifty way to stay in touch with its audience.

Monsoon’s website was custom-built with IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was delighted to collaborate with Monsoon to perk up its online presence.

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