Sheffield Resources refreshes website, fosters sustainability

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Sheffield Resources website

Investors are putting more value on sustainability than ever before. Seeing how companies care about people and the environment not only generates good feelings about doing business with these organisations. It also influences their decision making on investments with these businesses.

As companies strive to give back to society and their communities, so they are recognised as more responsible and benevolent. That’s why the corporate website's presentation of sustainability is essential for investors. A dedicated Sustainability section is where stakeholders could find out about companies’ commitment to social efforts and their stories on sustainability.

How does your website show your sustainability endeavours? Perhaps it’s time to revamp your site with this important aspect of your business.

If you want to see how ASX-listed peers have done it, visit Sheffield Resources’ newly refreshed website for some awesome ideas: Sheffield (ASX: SFX) is a mineral sands-focused company developing and exploring its 100% owned Thunderbird deposit in Western Australia.

Sheffield on devicesSheffield's website is fully accessible on desktop or mobile devices.

To start off, Sheffield’s website devoted a distinct sustainability category on its main menu to easily direct investors to this significant section. A wealth of information opens in this portion, where its web pages discuss its overview on business strategies as well as community and environmental activities.

What’s great about this latest section on Sheffield’s website is that it came with a full make-over of the entire site’s aesthetics. Pretty sure you didn’t miss the website’s new look and feel, beginning with its homepage. It’s where the company prominently displays its share price in a clutter-free layout with quick links to its About Us, ASX Announcements, Investor Centre and Projects sections.

Explore Sheffield’s website to see how it ably communicates with investors and encourages them to stay in touch through email alerts. This way, stakeholders don’t miss any updates from the company as they receive latest news soon as announcements are released from the ASX.

Sheffield’s website was refreshed through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. IRM has partnered with Sheffield through the years to beef up its online investor presence.

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