The easy way to upgrade to a smart corporate website

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More and more lately, we’re meeting companies that are having trouble keeping their investors updated in a timely manner. They have nice looking websites where something like WordPress is being used for content management. Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor sends ASX Announcements by email. The websites look ok, and have all the generalised tools behind them to keep the content up to date. And they are really cheap. But….

…It’s labour intensive to keep these sites up to date. The investor relations people and company secretaries that we deal with find it hard to keep those websites up to date and keep them looking and sounding right. They often have to rely on third parties or technical people to make changes. They have to be design and content experts themselves, specifying things in minute detail, and checking and correcting them afterwards. And with the immediacy of news from ASX Announcements – investors want and expect the site to be updated immediately – its a time management problem. When there’s corporate activity on, they are just too busy to get to doing those site updates straight away. The website often fails to reflect the very latest position, just when investors want to see it.

They start to realise that all this is just not really good enough for a professional corporate website.

Then things change. They find their software options difficult to manage and, quickly, the corporate website goes from being an active communicator to a management issue.

Site migration

During the past few months, we’ve had a number of clients migrate to IRM after hearing about our HQi content management and IRM Newsroom systems. They’ve been looking for the ease of management and automation that they weren’t able to achieve with their previous approach. They can see that the IRM tools mean that ordinary people can keep the website up to date and fresh, quickly and reliably.

Then they discover that the total cost of managing the site is probably actually less when using IRM. Their time savings and improved quality add more value than the IRM service costs.

Why is life so different?

The IRM product suite has many features that are been specifically designed to support ASX listed (and dual listed) companies with specialist investor relations functions.

Once migrated, your corporate site will be supported by the power of the IRM HQi content management system. You will be able to edit pages, add new pages, restructure the navigation, provide share price data, and news feeds. And much much more. As easily as updating a Word document. And HQi maintains the overall website style with your changes. No more strange looking fonts and colours in the extra content you just added. It also protects you from mistakes, with authorise, review and go back options. With an audit trail of changes, there’s good governance as well.

Included in HQi is the IRM Newsroom product. It automatically updates the site immediately once ASX announcements are released, permits multiple views of selected announcements on the site, and sends an alert to investors through a variety of channels (email, and social media). It all just happens, and our clients love it. And their investors can get an instant reminder and see the very latest news, just as soon as it has happened.

Then there’s the technology proofing. New browsers, new ideas, new tools, faster computers, better investor information tools, better service models. IRM just does all of this for you. Future proofing, part of the service.

IRM can take usually all the content from an existing site and migrate it to HQi. It’s easy stuff.

If you think it worthwhile, we often also recommend a “re-skin” at the same time – freshen up and modernise the look and feel, incorporate some new design techniques, add some IRM investor relations special pages, ensure the site is fully responsive (ie works on all devices), and update the images. But keep the messages and content just the same.

A great advantage of this approach is that the migration project doesn’t need to take much of  your time. When IRM focuses just on a migration, its a low impact sport for you.

“The migration and re-skin project is swift and simple.  When it’s done, you have the power of HQi to future-proof your corporate site for many years to come.

Migrate today – it’s easy

Migrate today

If you make the decision to migrate your site, you’ll end up with a shiny new corporate website or investor centre.

You will have a first class, high functioning, fully responsive website with IRM Newsroom integration and many other features from the IRM portfolio.

One recently migrated site is Wolf Minerals. The site now includes a refreshed look and feel, which works across the full range of mobile devices, and is powered by IRM’s suite of smart investor tools.

Discuss a migration

To discuss migrating your site and check out IRM’s specialist IR tools, contact Danny Hunt at IRM via +61 2 8705 5444 or We could have you up and running in no time, with an automated, best practice website and set of investor-focused, productivity increasing tools.