Three Reasons for a Mobile Investor Presence

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Is your investor website one of over 500 ASX listed company sites that is not yet mobile friendly?

Investors are mobile these days. We’ve all tried to look at that tiny print of a non-friendly site on our phones. It’s simply easier to look elsewhere. Your investors are mobile, too.

Now Google’s “Mobilegeddon” is punishing non-friendly sites by giving a lower ranking to them when searches are conducted on mobile devices. Smashing magazine talks about the mobilegeddon impact.

IRM research, conducted in May 2016, found 40% of ASX listed companies* with a market cap over $5m do not have websites that are regarded by Google as “Mobile Friendly”.

Overall Results

The total is down from 48% six months ago. In only six months, 8% of all listed companies have made the move – one sixth of the previously unfriendly companies are now friendly.

It’s time to plan to move now.

Here’s our three reasons to make the move to a mobile friendly site sooner rather than later:

  1. Increasing investor interest. The trend will continue, and within a year or so non friendly sites will be around 25% of companies or less. Investors will have no incentive to struggle with your non-friendly site and will go elsewhere.
  2. Attracting more new investors. Fewer potential investors looking for investment opportunities will find you on Google search.
  3. Showing that you care. If existing investors see you don’t care about their viewing experience, they may assume you don’t care about the rest of their investment experience.

A great mobile online presence is a key Success Factor in online investor communications. You can read more about success factors or download the Success Factors White Paper.

IRM website services cover the full range of mobile website solutions. Here’s two suggestions:

  • A new build. If you are ready for the work and benefits of building a new website, IRM has some suggestions here about how to go about a new build.
  • Migrating the existing. If you’re happy with the current messages and content and prefer to avoid the work of a new site, but you need a technology transplant, IRM has a website migration strategy for you.

Either way, it’s not as difficult or as costly as you probably think. Within two months you can have a mobile friendly website.

Contact us today to discuss the likely cost and effort of moving to friendly. It’s becoming urgent!

* It’s not just the small companies. 32% of companies with a market cap over $500m were not mobile friendly, and 33% over $5b.