How to create a mobile-friendly website for investors

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Ever opened a website on your smartphone and all you saw were jumbled words?

Maybe the images were not aligned, and everything just looked distorted.

That’s what happens when a site isn’t mobile-friendly.

So, if your website looks great on desktop but it’s not a responsive one, mobile users would have problems viewing it. Because it would appear askew on their phones and tablets.

Not an ideal scenario for your investor audience, wouldn’t you agree?

Optimizing your website for mobile isn’t just an option or a trend in this digital age. As mobile devices are more popular than ever before, so it’s your job to make sure your site can be accessed through these gadgets.

Here are 3 simple steps to provide a mobile-friendly website experience for your investors:

1. Make the main website fully responsive.

Investors use mobile devices to get information quickly and easily. That’s why your web pages should be readily viewed on phones or tablets. Your pages should deliver a great user experience in whatever screen size or orientation your audience prefers.

This level of functionality is a standard that investors expect when browsing on their gadgets. When your website promptly responds on mobile, it will look and function well no matter what device they use.

2. Make sure mobile menus are friendly.

Mobile devices usually don’t respond well to common navigation methods for websites. That’s why it’s important to present specific menu methods that go well with phones or tablets.

Menu methods for portrait and landscape modes on gadgets should be considered as well to better suit different form factors.

3. Provide all your information on mobile.

Use a responsive design on your full website to offer content through any device. With this setup, you won’t need separate mobile sites that are subsets of your full website. Less work, less cost for you too.

This would also implement a single method of updating your site’s content for both mobile and desktop. It would make your site consistent. Facilitating a seamless user experience on any gadget.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, your website should be fully responsive to give investors a great user-experience, whether on desktop or mobile. Your menus should be user-friendly and able to furnish all information on mobile format.

With your mobile-friendly website, investors will take note that your company is contemporary and legit. They will be encouraged to continue discovering your site to learn more about your business. Perhaps for a potential investment in its direction.

If you ever need some help

IRM can assist with a full website review to ensure your site runs smoothly on mobile and desktop devices.

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