3 must-have features for your online interactive report

Online interactive report

Your annual report is an online touchpoint.

Really? It's a printed document, isn't it? It does look like a printed document.

But think about how it's mainly consumed. Yes, online!

How does your umpteen-page PDF document perform as an online touchpoint? Is the investor proposition something like, "Okay, you download the file, open it in a PDF viewer, and scroll through to the sections you want to read if you can find them"?

Not very investor-friendly, is it?

The same applies to your other reports - sustainability reports, transaction documents, prospectuses, results announcements and more. If you really do want investors to read them online, they need to be much more user-friendly than the clunky PDF.

Reports are becoming online and interactive, no matter what kind they are. This modern format is what more shareholders prefer from listed entities. As it brings company’s results and achievements to life through a digital experience investors can engage in!

An online interactive report will not only establish how progressive your organisation is. It will also show stakeholders you care enough to give a great user experience as they weigh in on investment decisions about your business.

Here are 3 must-have features to keep in mind for an awesome online interactive report investors appreciate:

Your stakeholders would enjoy a mobile-responsive online interactive report that's accessible in tablets or smartphones.

1. User-friendly page viewer

Your online interactive report should have a page viewer that gives a tactile usability experience, allowing investors to turn pages like leafing through a book. (A flipping sound would make it even more convincing.) Its interactive facilities should include zooming in or having a full screen mode for a better grasp on facts and figures. Advanced search and text selection tools would be perfect for zeroing in on certain items, like financial summaries or management discussions.

Needless to say, your online interactive report should be mobile-friendly. And that’s not just rendering a desktop layout to fit into a smaller screen size. A mobile-responsive design means shareholders can properly read your report on devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

2. Easy-to-navigate contents

Let’s be realistic. Your report will have a lot of pages. For instance, your annual report will have a detailed description of your business, the directors’ report, the corporate governance report, the financial report, the auditor’s report, among many others.

Wouldn’t it be wise to offer a reading pane then? Where investors can simply choose the contents they want to focus on. Add a bookmarking facility and presto! More ease for them to remember significant pages they can go back to and infer from.

A reading pane and bookmarking facility are some features to help investors locate key info on your online interactive report.

3. Downloadable and shareable data

You’ve put a lot of work on your report to present all essential data for stakeholders. Shouldn’t it be easy to download and share then for your growing investor community?

Plus points if your online interactive report could be downloaded as individual pages, sections or full PDFs. Its link should also facilitate sharing to current or potential investors through your website, email, or social media networks.

Whether its certain sections or the whole digital report, sharing spreads your message with hundreds or thousands of people in an instant. You’ll receive numerous views that will drive traffic to the report and to your website too.

You can even share your online interactive report to the media as a reference. Making it easy for a journalist to write about your business with the information found on your digital publication.

In the final analysis

Your investors would love an online interactive report with a user-friendly page viewer, easy-to-navigate contents and shareable data. Don’t forget to make it mobile-responsive so it increases traffic to the report and your website as well.

It's easier than you think

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